When and where can I register for the Oxford IV?

International registration and independent adjudicator (IA) registration opens on August 1st, and IONA registration opens on September 1st. You will be able to find registration forms on this website.

When will I find out if I’ve got a team slot?

We will let international teams know by the 14th August if they have been successful in applying for team slots. Likewise, IONA teams will be emailed in September to confirm if they have got a team slot. If you are not successful in getting a team slot, you will be automatically added to a waiting list in case further slots become available.

Can I register a team from outside of IONA for the IONA package rather than the International package?

International teams can register for the IONA package if they wish, however we would encourage them to register for the International package to avoid the risk of late arrival on the Friday of the IV. Teams choosing to register for the IONA package should note that we can only offer Thursday crash, Thursday dinner, access to the Thursday evening debate and free walking tours of Oxford on Friday morning to teams which have registered for the International package. The schedule for the IV is incredibly tight, which means that regrettably we cannot wait for teams which are unavoidably late due to delayed flights on Friday.

Do you operate N-1?

N-1 applies and will be enforced for IONA teams. This means that if you are sending two teams, you must send one judge. If you are an IONA institution sending one team, you are not required to send a judge. The convenors reserve the right to break up teams from institutions which do not satisfy the N-1 requirement without prior warning and ask excess teams to judge instead. N-1 does not apply to international teams.

How can I sign up to receive crash?

You can sign up to receive crash in October, on the pre-reg forms. We can guarantee crash to all participants once they have filled in pre-reg. Please be aware that we can only offer crash on Thursday night to teams which have signed up to the International package.

Is there parking available at the IV?

The Oxford Union does not have parking facilities and nor do most Oxford colleges. We would therefore advise you to arrive and depart by public transport wherever possible. There are public pay-and-display car parks within a ten minute walk of the Oxford Union however these are not especially cheap!

When do I need to pay by?

Go to our page on payment here to see the payment deadlines. We will confirm with you once you have received payment. Unfortunately, if payment is not received by these dates, we will have to give your slots to other teams on the waiting list.

Is there a financial penalty involved for cancelling slots?

There is no penalty if slots are cancelled before the relevant payment deadlines. If teams pull out after the payment deadlines, then the whole payment will still be due.