We take equity incredibly seriously at The Oxford IV 2017 and we expect all our participants to do the same. Participation in this tournament is contingent on having read and understood the equity policy. At registration, you will be required to sign to indicate compliance with the policy. Breaching the conditions of the equity policy may result in you no longer being allowed to participate in this tournament.

The Equity Policy for the Oxford IV 2017 is now available here.

If participants do not adhere to the equity policy, it is at the discretion of the equity officers whether to remove the persons involved from the competition.


The Equity Officers for the Oxford IV 2017 are:

External Equity Officer: Emily Frizell

Emily is a second year Linguistics student from KCL whose debating achievements include judging the finals of UCL IV, Imperial Open and the non-schools final of UCL President’s Cup. She has also equitied both UCL Schools and UCL Pres. Outside of debating she can be found showing people photos of her trips to London Aquarium (such amazing jellyfish!!!) and drinking more tea than thought humanely possible. Find her at the Oxford IV to receive copious amounts of biscuits, moral support and photos of dogs.


Internal Equity Officer: Jodie White

Jodie is a second year History and Politics student at Oxford. As a misguided sportsperson, she didn’t do much debating last year due to a nasty water polo habit, but served as Equity officer for Oxford Schools and is making her debut on the IV circuit here. Jodie also scored 65/80 in an empathy test that puts her scientifically in the top 5% of ‘nice’ people, so we’re confident you can go to her with any issue you may have.


Internal Equity Officer: Brian Wong

Brian has served as Equity Officer at Australs 2017 and HKDO 2016. They are a EUDC Quarterfinalist, breakist at 30 open competitions, and have judged the Australs finals twice. They have also been the LGBTQ+ Officer for the Oxford Union and President of the Oxford Gender Equality Society.