Independent Adjudicators

Debates at The Oxford IV have always had an exceptionally high quality of judging, with some of the best adjudicators in the world, including a number of former WUDC and EUDC CAs/DCAs, WUDC and EUDC champions and top speakers. This is in large part down to the continued support of independent adjudicators. We welcome experienced debaters to attend and adjudicate at the upcoming Oxford IV 2017.

The following information applies to:

  • Individuals applying to be ‘Independent Adjudicators’ (ie. an adjudicator unaffiliated with any institution)
  • Individuals from attending institutions that are attending in excess of the n+1 limit

Independent Judge Funding

We have a limited budget to subsidise the travel costs of independent judges in addition to the granting of fee waivers. These will be awarded at the discretion of the CA Team, on the basis of need and merit. They are intended to make the tournament better for everyone, by improving the quality of the judging pool. Judges will be notified in advance of the amount of subsidies they have been granted, and will be reimbursed after the IV following presentation of receipts at or just after the IV itself.


Registration for independent adjudicators is now open. At registration, you can request independent adjudicator funding. Independent adjudicator registration will be processed on a rolling basis. The registration fee for independent adjudicators is £45, payment details for independent adjudicators can be found here.

Note: Due to the limited funds available for subsidising travel and reg waivers, an immediate response may not be possible.

To register as an independent adjudicator now, please see the ‘Registration’ menu.