Adjudication Team

We have put together a stellar panel of Chief Adjudicators, who will set the motions for the IV and have wider responsibility for ensuring the best judging possible. Read more about them below.

Chief Adjudicator: Sophie Large

Sophie is a grand finalist of Dutch WUDC 2017 and Warsaw EUDC 2016. She judged the ESL grand final in Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 and the open final of the Oxford IV 2016. Previous CA experience includes the Durham IV 2016, the Paris Open 2017 and the Berlin IV 2017. Her hobbies include making unfavourable comparisons between the UK and Australia, and making experimental smoothies with her Nutribullet™.

Chief Adjudicator: Sella Nevo

Sella was the ESL best speaker and ESL champion at Galway EUDC 2011, the second best ESL speaker (following his slightly more talented semi-clone) and ESL champion at Manila WUDC 2012, and champion of the HWS Round Robin 2017. He was DCA at Zagreb EUDC 2014 and will DCA in the upcoming Mexico WUDC 2018. He has CA-ed over a dozen tournaments, including the Leiden Open, Durham IV, Vienna IV, Paris Open, and more. He spends most of his free time debating, because he feels it’s more age-appropriate than his other hobbies which include eating lots of chocolate and playing computer games.

Chief Adjudicator: Josh Bailey

Josh was the top team, semi-finalist and 3rd best speaker at Warsaw EUDC 2016, the 9th best team and quarter-finalist at Malaysia WUDC 2015, and Cambridge IV 2014 finalist. He judged the ESL grand final at Dutch WUDC 2017, chaired the ESL final of the Cambridge IV 2016, and judged the open final of the Cambridge IV 2015. Since moving to London, Josh has done such a good job of giving up debating that he passed up England v Argentina tickets to join the Oxford CA team.

Chief Adjudicator: Evan Lynyak

Evan was an Open Grand Finalist at WUDC 2017, and twice top 10 Open Speaker. In addition, she is a North American and Pan American Champion and Top Speaker, and a US Grand Finalist and top 5 Speaker. Evan was also a Finalist and Top Speaker at the 2016 Oxford IV, and a Semifinalist and top 10 Speaker at the 2016 Cambridge IV. Evan has CA-ed the 2016 Yale IV and Cambridge Women’s Open, and will be a DCA for WUDC 2017 in Mexico. Evidently Evan enjoys transatlantic flights and jet-lagged Monday mornings at work.

Assistant Chief Adjudicator: Teck Wei Tan

Teck Wei was a Quarter-Finalist and 3rd-best speaker at Dutch WUDC 2017. Tecks was also a semi-finalist and 3rd on tab at the 2016 Cambridge IV, and (half of) the current holders of the John Smith Memorial Mace. He’s judged a Euros quarter, the ESL final at the Oxford IV, and CA-ed at Inner Temple and Bristol in the last year. Having tasted power over Oxford debaters by assigning crash last year, Tecks is keen to contribute to the IV in different but no less cheeky ways.