For the uninitiated, this is where debaters crash in someone else’s room as accommodation during a debating competition. The Oxford IV 2017 will provide everyone who requests it with crash on Thursday (under the international package only), Friday and Saturday evening. However, as those of you who have attended Oxford before will know, the collegiate system makes housing everyone quite difficult. In light of this, we recommend that you bring a sleeping bag and be nice to the kind soul who is offering their room.

Teams can indicate the number of people that require crash for any given night when registering. This number should include judges who will be attending with the institution.

Please note that we have a Crash Policy: this details the minimum expectations for both those crashing and those taking crash.



There are three hostels in the vicinity for those who prefer a more comfortable night of sleep. In increasing distance from the Oxford Union, where the competition will be held, are Central Backpackers, Oxford Backpackers Hostel and the YHA Hostel. Prices for the hostel generally start from £19 per person per night.



For those who have outgrown the days of dormitories and shared living spaces, and prefer to experience the Oxford IV in style, there are a range of hotels in which to relax during the Oxford IV. These range from the five star MacDonald Randolph Hotel just around the corner from the Oxford Union and looking onto the Ashmolean Museum and Martyrs Monument, to the four star Old Bank Hotel, which is just a 15 minute walk away and sits opposite All Souls College, looking onto High Street.

Those who can see stars of their own may nevertheless find comfort in the Malmison Hotel in Oxford Castle, the Royal Oxford Hotel or the Mercure Eastgate Hotel.

For other possible places to rest your head, check