Tab Team

Tabmaster: Roxana Legezynska

Roxie is in her final year of PPE at Oxford. Having tabbed the Oxford and Cambridge IVs under Richard and Calum for the past two years, she is excited to head the team for this year’s IV. She has recently been part of the tab teams for Dutch WUDC and Tallinn EUDC. Roxie also moonlights as a petsitter and spends most of her spare time attempting to integrate into the local raccoon population. She hopes to put her resultant knowledge of herding confused mammals to good use on the IV team.

The Oxford IV uses Tabbie 2, which is impervious to alien invasion; speakers and judges will be required to have a Tabbie account which must be given on the pre-registration form. If you do not have one already, you can create a Tabbie account here.